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Iodine Research

Resource Network of The Iodine Movement



There is an extensive body of research and theory on iodine and the breast.  

The breast contains NIS (Sodium-Iodide Symporter) receptors and is known to concentrate iodine
in the excreted milk.  Iodine is considered important for proper breast structure and health.  

Research today focuses on (1) fibrocystic breast disease, (2) breast cancer, (3) iodine metabolism
and (4) relationships between thyroid issues and the breast.

Molecular Iodine (I2) is the preferred form of iodine for the breast according to Ghent and Eskin,
who conducted many of the fundamental research studies on iodine and the breast.

Shrivastava recently published (2006) another ground-breaking study on I2 and the breast,
studying exactly how I2 works at the cellular level in breast cancer.

Kessler has researched the effects of supraphysiologic levels of iodine on breast pain and has
written a thought-provoking paper on iodine's mechanism of action.  He is presently conducting a
large-scale Phase III trial on I2 (IoGen) and fibrocystic breast disease.  If you, or women you know,
are interested in participating in this well-designed nationwide study, you can contact them here.

Smyth has explored the relationship between iodine, the thyroid, and the breast.  

Venturi has looked at iodine from the point of view of evolution.

Carrasco, et al, who are known for their ground-breaking work with the NIS transporter that makes
it possible for iodide to get into a cell, have written about the NIS in breast cancer.

Clur has explored how iodine, T2, and rT3 may be related to estrogen (and other) receptors, and
thus related to breast cancer.

Hartman looked at the relationship between benign breast disease and the risk of breast cancer.

Derry is a Canadian doctor who has focused on iodine and breast cancer.  He has written a very
thought-provoking theoretical book based in clinical practice called
Breast Cancer and Iodine: How
to Prevent and How to Survive Breast Cancer.

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The website has many resources on iodine and the breast, as well
as a large, active email forum called Amazon-L for people interested in alternative approaches to
breast cancer.  They are conducting the Iodine Investigation Project to explore:  (1) whether there
is a connection between iodine deficiency and breast cancer and (2) whether remedying that
deficiency by iodine supplementation can reduce recurrence.